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A new and improved mobile weather app from the world’s number one weather service provider.


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The Met Office is a leading weather provider that provides important information when you need it, anywhere in the world. They became aware that with constantly improving mobile technology that provides faster and smarter ways to deliver services to people they needed to build a new and improved app to replace their outdated version. AppTailoirs stepped in to develop an updated version that was built for both Android and iOS.

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What our clients say

Internal stakeholders are impressed with AppTailors work, which has satisfied their expectations perfectly. Throughout the engagement, the team has been knowledgeable, professional, and reliable. Customers can expect an honest and precise partner.

Gustaf Kranck
CEO & Founder

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The Challenge

The app had to support a variety of functionalities and features as well as being user-friendly and accessible for people of all technological backgrounds. Due to the Met Office’s huge customer base, we also had to ensure the app maintained optimum performance when experiencing a high number of users.


The Solution

AppTailors used an agile development process to design and develop an app that integrated seamlessly with the Met Office web services and delivered an application that offered a great user experience.

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met office
met office

The Result

We developed the perfect mobile experience for The Telegraphs’s huge audience to consume the weather on their easily accessible phones. The app already has 3 million users and is constantly growing. We also managed to achieve a crash-free session rate of 99.95% which is a great result!

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