A powerful new crash reporting and debugging option

PLCrashReporter is a reliable open source library that provides an in-process live crash reporting framework for use on iOS, macOS and tvOS. The library detects crashes and generates reports to help your investigation and troubleshooting with the information of application, system, process, thread, etc. as well as stack traces. PLCrashReports contain information about the system at the time of the fault. This information is provided to Backtrace and made available to users as they triage and analyze their incoming crashes. Learn more about this project here.


PLCrashReporter has seen a tremendous amount of user testing


Uses only supported and public APIs/ABIs for crash reporting


The most accurate stack unwinding available, using DWARF and Apple Compact Unwind frame data


Does not interfere with debugging in lldb/gdb


Easy to integrate with existing or custom crash reporting services


Backtraces for all active threads are provided


Provides full register state for the crashed thread


With the native PLCrashReporter library, Backtrace now supports crashes and error reporting across all mobile platforms


AppTailors' work facilitated the client's smooth integration of the apps into the existing product

I am the CTO of a company that provides the best error reporting and post-mortem debugging solution in the market with several industry leaders relying on us to improve software quality. Several vendors were considered, but AppTailors came highly recommended from one of our leading engineers. After a series of interviews and close monitoring of early stages of the project, we decided to pursue a longer-term engagement for AppTailor's services. I managed the project and worked with Marcin to ensure milestones were being delivered. The completed solution continues to be leveraged by major corporations. The project management was effective as deliverables were documented and milestones delineated. They always deliver on time. I am completely satisfied with their services.

Samy Bahra

CTO, Backtrace