Creating a mobile extension for The Telegraph

Every month, millions of readers engage with its content directly from a mobile device and, with a previous app already available, The Telegraph is no stranger to mobile. However, following an extensive redesign of the print paper, website and iPad edition came an increasing awareness that it was also time to rethink the mobile experience. For The Telegraph, it was critical that any new mobile product met rising reader expectations and helped to engage wider, younger audience. 


Our agency had the opportunity to develop this project


Highly configurable, modular architecture


Two key microservices that integrate with existing, complex platforms


Information is delivered 12 times faster to mobile than before


Delivering The Telegraph extensive editorial content to readers on mobile


Mobile developers made sure to create the perfect product

We were responsible for technical design and development of the solution. It was also important that the final product could be easily managed by The Telegraph's internal development team. This meant ensuring the new app was built using languages already familiar to internal developers - namely Swift for iOS, Java with RxJava for Android.

Marcin Karmelita

Co-founder of AppTailors