A tailor made technology solution

Our mission is to do the best with the time we have and be excellent to each other.


Our Story

When we started AppTailors in 2018 we had one goal in our minds, to be more than a generic mobile development agency. We wanted to be a trustful and reliable partner who will walk hand in hand with the customer on the adventurous road of product development and who will understand their needs from the perspective of the product and a whole business. 20 international projects later we can say we did it. 5 stars on our Clutch profile, given by our satisfied customers are the best proof for that. And we're just getting started 🚀

There is no real partnership without close relations. We want to be a valuable part of your business. By developing a deep understanding of who your customer is, we are able to deliver successful projects that will support the growth of your business

Our leadership team

Marcin Karmelita


Michał Karmelita


Josh Larimar

Head of Sales

why us?Our approach

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Short time-to market

Time matters and we aim to allow you to get into the market as quickly as possible

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We provide a high level of transparency as you are updated on your project status with direct access to the dedicated team

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We are flexible when it comes to requirements adjustments based on a constructive feedback

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Tailor-made software

We are devoted to delivering high-quality products tailored to your needs

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We need to be proactive and work on it every day, so you can focus on your business goals

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We take the risk to innovate and earn respect by keeping our promises

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