7 popular and beautiful Flutter apps

Flutter is already a mature and battle-tested framework used to create many mobile applications. This list is prepared by the AppTailors team with our own ranking. The hope is to show you the possibilities, best features, and scalability of the apps built using the Flutter UI toolkit.
best flutter apps

| Square

Square has created one of the most popular sets of financial tools dedicated to small and medium-sized businesses. It can be used for receiving credit card payments online and in-store payments offline as well as custom POS hardware terminals. There are also tools built for scheduling appointments, payroll and general money management just to name a few.

The fact that Square is a tool related to cash flow and credit card payments requires its application to be highly secure. People that use Square are accepting payments all around the world with different devices. This adds a layer of complexity to ensure every user has a great and safe experience.

For ease of use, Flutter loves to allow developers to build using plugins. Knowing this, there is an integration for payments that were developed using a plugin called Reader SDK. This plugin supports taking payments by hardware (e.g. credit card swipe and chip readers), while the In-App Payments SDK plugin enables the ability for people to take payments inside of any Flutter-based app.

Considering that Square has millions of payments processed every day, we think that Flutter has proven that it can be a foundation for a highly secure payment processing application.

| Xianyu by Alibaba

Xianyu is an e-commerce platform, created by one of the largest companies in the world – Alibaba. Xianyu is dedicated to small companies and individual people that want to sell your products to an online marketplace. For example, should you want to post items you no longer use = Xianyu is a place for you. As long as you live in China of course, lol!

Managing thousands and thousands of products including product pictures, prices and the users that represent them, can be challenging for any technology. That is why one of the most important company goals of Xianyu was to offer an easily navigated mobile application, full of beautiful pictures of products with the highest possible speed.

The company decided to build its app using Flutter. Much of this was due to its high FPS UI and easy to write code based on Dart. It helped them to reduce the workload necessary to develop a fully-featured app. Also, thanks to Flutter, Xianyu’s new app was able to cut screen loading times in half, compared to the previously used solutions. We are confident that the ongoing development of Flutter will deliver an even shorter load time in the future.

Currently, Xianyu is being used by more than 50 million people every day. Every day all of these users are posting and exploring in a smooth and fast way thanks to Flutter.

| Google Ads

Google Ads is the biggest online ads platform in the world! Its job is to provide the ability for advertising in every marketing channel owned by Google, like Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads, Google Play or YouTube.

In the past, it was not possible to manage Google Ads from a mobile device. Sometimes this was necessary because the Google Ads system is complex and very often requires a real-time reaction from users. It was also challenging for Google to build a mobile app, as millions of users needed access to terabytes of data. Flutter helped to manage all of these challenges.

Now, in Google Ads, every user can fully control their campaigns – start or pause ads, add more funds and change targeting. They also created a built-in way to chat with Google Ads experts to ensure users are maximizing every campaign they begin.

Google Ads for mobile is one of the Flutter apps that allows users to receive real-time notifications to ensure they never miss an opportunity.

| Hamilton App

Hamilton is one of the most talked-about and best-loved Broadway musicals today. The creators of Hamilton wanted to develop a mobile app to extend the traditional theatrical experience and continue the show for all of the fans.

One of the best fan features is providing the ability to buy tickets for an upcoming show. It also uses other marketing channels to gain engagement from its fanbase. For example, creating a selfie with filters dedicated to the Hamilton musical and sharing it on social channels.

It was crucial for the development team to deliver the same, unique “Hamilton experience” on both mobile platforms (iOS and Android). This entire complex application was developed and delivered in 3 months! Thanks to the flexibility of Flutter, the development team was able to make final changes the day before the app went fully live.

Since then, the team continues to develop new, fun, in-app features like trivia games for the fans of Hamilton.

| Topline

Have you ever heard of the Abbey Road Studio? Of course, you have! They are behind the success of many of the top musical stars in the last century including The Beatles. But having so many successes in the past didn’t stop them from taking a step into the future and developing Topline – the best mobile app for musicians and songwriters.

An idea for a new song can happen anywhere – in public transport while driving a car or during a meeting with friends at a local bar. The main goal of Topline is to give those people, who love music, the tool for capturing these moments and ideas by recording and storing them.

At first, the team developed the app for iOS – and users simply loved it. They started to ask for the versions in specific languages and of course for the Android edition. Flutter was the perfect answer for their needs – giving them the ability to support both platforms with one codebase and making changes to the app while it’s running.

The whole development process took 3 people just 10 weeks of work – 1 Android developer and 2 front-end developers.

Google Stadia is a project dedicated to all of the computer gamers out there. In the past, you needed a powerful computer (or a console) to play demanding games. Google Stadia solves this problem by streaming the latest games, directly to any device you have with an Android or iOS system.

This was a very challenging project, like the streaming of games needed a high-performance app (even more than streaming 4k movies), because, with streaming, communication is both ways. The game is streamed to the device AND the app has to send the users movement to the servers. All of this is required while maximizing gaming graphic settings in real-time – no one likes it when gameplay lags!

That’s why Google decided to develop the app for both platforms using Flutter. Flutter was the guarantee needed that the end-users would receive a beautifully designed mobile app, giving them an amazing experience of playing the latest games with the highest quality on their mobile devices.

| Reflectly

The Reflectly app is a personal journal, enabling people to deal with negative thoughts, make positivity louder in their life and to teach them about the science of well-being. Originally it was developed with React Native and quickly became popular enough that the founders decided to develop an Android version. It should be simple (as React Native is also a cross-platform framework) but the results they got were unsatisfying.

The experience was so bad, that shortly after writing it the company decided to drop the whole React Native code and write the app, from scratch, in Flutter. Their development team fell in love with this framework and created a high-performance app with the same beautiful UI and delivered a great experience for their users on both platforms.

The fact that the application was developed by a Google product, gives developers access to advanced analytics with Firebase Analytics and Sentry. Shortly after releasing Reflectly 2.0, the app was featured in the US App Store increasing the new daily users count by 8,000!