What Are The Benefits Of Mobile Health Apps?

Benefits Of Mobile Health Apps

| Why Develop a Mobile Health App?

It is expected that the mobile health market will reach nearly 190 billion U.S. dollars by 2025. As apps offer quick access, efficiency and accessibility for users during recent years, there is a much higher demand for health mobile applications.

Whether this is to access health records for patient care or to store health information through fitness trackers, health apps are becoming a huge trend across the world. With the recent remote work and inaccessibility of doctors and gyms, the digital health industry has really benefited people from being able to access health data from the comfort of their homes.

| What Are The Different Types Of Health Apps?

GP Apps:

Here you have the ability to book GP appointments, order prescriptions, have virtual consultations and track your medical records.

Remote Monitoring Apps:

With these apps, doctors can monitor specific health conditions from a patient at home, such as their heart rate.

Productivity Apps:

With the use of productivity apps you can set health goals, monitor your progress and be provided with tips and tricks to improve your lifestyle.

Fitness Apps:

These are often connected with wearable devices, where you can track fitness activity, and even share data with professionals.

Healthy Living Apps:

These allow you to start healthier habits, whether that be physical or mental. This may be through meditation or working out.

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| The Top Four Benefits Of Health Apps

Ease & Accuracy In Storing Information

Healthcare professionals can use mobile applications to store patients' health data accurately, whilst patients have the ability to access it wherever they are. This is highly efficient, allowing individual’s confidential information to all be placed under one healthcare app. This means that it is much easier for doctors to monitor all of the appointments they have had, and make updates to specific records much quicker.

Mobile devices have also started to work in coordination with wearable devices, where users are able to track heart rates, daily steps, sleep duration, or calories burned all stored into one app. This has become increasingly popular, with the ability to easily track areas of your own health which professionals can then access if needed.

Automation For The Healthcare Industry

Many mobile health apps have also incorporated automatic reminders for patients, whether that be to take their medication or remember appointments. This has helped improve patients and doctors health management, whilst reducing the stress of juggling multiple times or readmissions.

Encourages Healthy Lifestyles

Health apps will often include health and fitness tips, to teach you about how to improve your lifestyle and overall well-being. These help users meet their own targets, whilst keeping them as motivated as a professional would.

With health apps, you may also set up notifications for when to workout or eat specific meals. This will ensure that you keep on track with any goals you have set for yourself and have the ability to easily monitor your progress.

Some applications even include free workouts to follow, or real-time live events to book onto. This motivates people to get active wherever they may be, without having to access a gym that can be difficult for many people.

Flexibility For Remote Appointments

For GPs and hospitals, it can be overwhelming from the number of individuals visiting for appointments. Now with the help of health apps, we can chat through our mobiles and set up video calls from the comfort of our homes.

Through virtual consultations, patients can be provided with all the information they would in person, and can even place orders for prescriptions. This is improving the productivity for doctors, being able to seamlessly connect with their patients at the click of a finger.

| Why Are The Benfits Of Mobile Health Apps So Important?

With huge growth in mobile application use, and the effortless ability to store and track information in your smartphone, it’s clear to see why so many businesses are creating health apps to boost patient and user satisfaction.

By helping us to live healthier lives, becoming our go-to for support and reducing costs, health apps are leading the way in the mobile app market.

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