What Are the Best Flutter Apps?

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| Push

Sport connects all cultures, languages and times. The idea behind Push was to help athletes around the world optimize athletic training and improve performance - Push is an advanced strength training wearable. Thanks to the app and dedicated wearable you are able to measure your performance in real time and track your progress over time and it’s used by more than 38 million people around the world!

The app was originally available only on the iOS platform. Because of this, not every person who wanted to use Push could do it, also it was a limitation from the business perspective – having the app on two (or more) of the most popular mobile platforms gives the app the possibility to reach a larger base of users.

But the team at Push is relatively small and they couldn’t handle the development and support of native Android apps with a separate codebase. Flutter is the answer to their problems – they were able to save one day a week for the development and deliver the newest updates to their users in a much faster way.

Another challenge was the fact that Push needs to connect with dedicated wearables – it should be stable on every device and give the possibility to transfer every kind of data between devices. Flutter gave them the possibility to build the apps for both platforms with amazing performance and scalability.

| My BMW

The Automotive industry has changed a lot in the recent years – it’s more connected, more smart and more user-focused than ever before. Companies who want to be the leaders of this market constantly need to adapt to the expectations of the car owners. That’s why BMW, one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world developed their new app My BMW, as a connection platform between their smartphone and vehicle. The app is available on 30 European markets as well as China, Korea and more countries in the future. One of their biggest requests was easy scalability of the app and that’s why they decided to use Flutter. Currently, BMW owns one of the biggest Flutter teams in the world with more than 300 people on board.

Thanks to Flutter, the app is available on both dominating platforms – iOS and Android. Thanks to the app, you can get real-time information about the current state of your car and in some of the cars you are even able to remote control some of its functions like car locating, unlocking or locking and even to see what is happening around thanks to the car cameras.

In March 2021 developers added integration with the Amazon Alexa. Also all the data of the car and user information is stored inside the app and they can be downloaded (for example in the car service) by a simple scan of a QR code. And yes, you can even contact your BMW service through the app!

Why did the team decide to use Flutter in this project? As previously stated, one of the most important factors was the scalability of the whole architecture. Flutter gives the team the support for all future requirements and the possibility of constantly adding new features.

“The new app platform is built on three pillars: user friendliness, safety and reliability,” explains Dr. Nicolai Krämer, Vice President Offboard Platform BMW Group.