Build your app from concept to MVP in Flutter

| Building Your App With Flutter

Flutter is a great choice when thinking about building an MVP. With Flutter, you can develop beautiful apps, with an almost-native experience, tailored to the needs of your customers. When it comes to MVP development in Flutter, there are many advantages to the development process:


Flutter uses a system of ready-made blocks. That makes the whole process easier and much faster. With Flutter, you can finish your MVP in an average time of 3-4 months. This shorter time of work will help you save money on the development - which can then be spent on other things for your business like sales and marketing.


Flutter is a cross-platform technology which has many advantages. For example, you don’t need to do complicated analysis about which platform would be the best for your needs, you don’t need to hire two development teams for Android and iOS and you will have access to a bigger group of users.


Flutter is also a very flexible and modern technology, so nothing stops you from developing your project after the MVP phase in the same technology. As a truly cross-platform technology, with Flutter, you can develop your app for mobile, desktop and web with a single codebase.


Flutter is a good friend with Firebase, so you don’t need to develop a dedicated backend for your app. This will help you to save time, money and avoid problems with the integration of custom-made backend solutions.


Apps based on Flutter are beautiful and let’s be honest - people are making a buying decision with their eyes. There is no doubt investors will be more convinced to put their money inside a beautiful app than an ugly one.

From the business side, changing your concept into MVP with Flutter technology is a very good choice. It will help you to reduce business risks thanks to its long list of benefits.

| Summary

AppTailors is a true proponent of incorporating an MVP into a new application development project. In our experience, the success rate of an application increases when you leverage a tool that can help clients better understand the end-user. Hopefully, this article was helpful in outlining the importance of creating an MVP, the elements to consider and the reasoning behind investing to build one. If you are looking for a company located close to London that builds MVP’s, our team is open to talking through any questions that you may have in exploring your new application project. Best of luck!