Our Guide to MVP App Design

guide to MVP app design

| What is MVP App Design?

The definition of a minimum viable product (MVP) was introduced by American entrepreneur & author Eric Ries. The term MVP is the process of releasing an early-stage version of your product that is simple and usable by target users. The development process is streamlined and focused on user feedback, allowing early adopters to have just enough features to utilise the app and find out whether it is worth you building a more complex final product.

Think of it like learning to bake, start with the smaller stuff; create a cupcake and let your family try a bite? This is quicker, less effort and creates a usable product giving you quick feedback. You develop an MVP before trying out the double-tier, fully decorated cake that would take you time, money, and may not be all that great!

Five Step Plan To MVP App Design

| Five Step Plan To Build An MVP App

Identify Goals

When you build a minimum viable product mobile app or web app you must ask yourself what the exact goal of the project is. Note down what you are looking to achieve, along with long and short-term targets to measure against. This will add direction to the software development and design process in the future.

Conduct Market Research

Make sure you know exactly who you are building this product for. This will help you to target the most appropriate audience to collect feedback, allowing the biggest chance of success from your MVP development. This can help with a user-centred lean UX design system to make effective changes to your product for future releases.

Prioritise Features

Once you have completed the initial research, it’s time to work out which features should be released in the MVP to create the most simple yet usable product. You need to include elements that will add the most value to this project, yet the least effort for you and your team. Create a product road map including the breakdown of features, from low-high priority to help plan for the development process.

Start Building Your MVP

Remember, focus on building the core of your product that users can really experience. You can attract users, have your developers and designers learn where issues arise, and make significant changes from real data for the final product.

Market Your MVP

When marketing your MVP you want to create a brand that connects with people, and rally's up excitement amongst your target audience. Due to this low-cost project, you want to direct your strategies on some of the lower-priced tactics, which may include:

  • Building a landing page
  • Posting on social media
  • Generating backlinks
  • Creating a press release
  • Starting a blog

  • | The Benefits Of Building An MVP App

    It’s Cost-Effective

    One of the top advantages of building an MVP app is that the cost is low and it involves less effort. You can have a small team with just a few developers and designers to get started, rather than a huge pricey team behind you. From releasing an MVP you can even start to earn profits, which can then pay for the product build as time goes on.

    You Receive Real Feedback

    Collecting feedback from people using your product is key to building a successful mobile app in the future. When creating an MVP, you will be able to acquire early adopters who can test your product and remain as users as your product becomes more advanced. This creates loyal relationships with customers and allows them to build a connection with your app as a brand.

    You Can Test The UX & UI Functionality

    Developers spend 50% of their time fixing issues which could have been avoided. Through an MVP you can understand and change any barriers in the UX/UI quickly creating a much more efficient product build. The UX of your mobile app has a significant impact on returning users, with a huge percentage of people abandoning products when running into a bad experience. Both the user experience and interaction design should be created according to the psychology of your target users, actions you want them to take and how you would like them to feel when using your product.

    You Can Understand A Monetisation Strategy

    From this early development, you can start to identify a monetisation strategy for your app to locate areas that profits can be made. This will help you to identify where in your mobile app you can start to claim an income, and which strategies will be best to use. Your monetisation strategy may include in-app ads, freemium upselling or subscriptions; this should all be thought about when building your MVP.

    You Can Understand The Market

    The data you can collate from an MVP app is key to unlocking a needed, solidified product that is going to attract a high number of users. This valuable information allows you to realise what users want from your app, what solutions they are looking for and where there is a demand for a product. From this, you can then decide whether it is worth you taking this project forward or if there is no specific need for the product.

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