How To Acquire Users for Your App

How to acquire and generate users for your app

| How To Generate Users On Your App

You have just launched your beautiful new mobile app, and the gates are now open. The onboarding process is commencing, and you are searching for tactics in engaging users to download your product. Don’t forget, there is a big difference between developing a stunning app, and a successful one. You need to promote your app using powerful techniques in order to create long term app engagement and encourage users to download your product. With more than 250 million daily app downloads between 2019–2020, it’s clear to see the growth taking place in the mobile app market currently. There are a few ways you can approach a user acquisition strategy to be part of this growth, and below we are going to give you a few tips on how to acquire users for your app.

| ASO (App Store Optimisation)

App store optimization refers to working on specific elements in order for your app to rank highly in mobile app stores. The objective of increasing your visibility is to increase downloads, and ASO will have a significant impact on the rate at which you can acquire users. There are a few core features to include when advertising your product in app stores to ensure the page is fully optimised, including the following:

  • Descriptive titles: Use a clear title that specifically communicates your app across to the reader. Include a few keywords here too, this can increase your visibility for search queries.
  • Use of keywords: Within any snippets of text describing your app and video captions, make sure to make use of keywords to boost your rankings into those top spots. Let people know the key features of your app, the mission, the solution and why users should download your app over thousands of others.
  • Adding an app preview video: Including a video for the app will do wonders for your downloads. This can give visitors further insight into the app, in a much more engaging format. Visual content also builds trust between the user and product by seeing it in action.
  • Including positive reviews: Obtaining positive reviews and ratings for your product is great for your ASO. This will not only increase your visibility, but also the attention of users finding your app in the store. One way of receiving these views could be from automating an email to users who have downloaded the product.
  • Localisation: App store localisation enables you to place your app in front of multiple target markets. You can add app locales for different mobile app stores, making sure your whole app listing is in different translations. This is important if you are looking at a global scale, and will increase user engagement across the world.
  • Tagging specific categories: Placing your app in the right category will allow your app to be found by users specifically requiring an app of your type. This means that downloads and long term users are much more likely to occur, as they are coming to you.
  • | Content Marketing

    Organic methods such as content marketing can not only drive recognition to your app, but also increase your overall brand awareness. Social media can be an incredible distribution channel to share snippets, images, and reviews for your app. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn all have their place depending on target audiences and product, with the ability to reach a monumental audience. The content you share can be personalised and tailored to specific users you are looking to engage with, creating the opportunity to build relationships with long term followers that value your product. If you are wondering how to get users for your app that will also connect with your brand, digital marketing can be a highly effective tool to use.

    | Paid Ads

    Paid ads are a great way to target specific audiences, and quickly. You can get your app flying in front of the exact people that will benefit from your app, with a high chance of generating downloads. Whilst you can be advertised on social media, Google, or many other platforms, make sure to streamline your data and use the most appropriate ad network for your paid ads campaign. When it comes to the visuals, videos can be the most successful in increasing conversions for mobile apps; showing snippets of the app in use, and clarity of how the app can benefit them enables your audience to really feel themselves utilising the app.

    | Retargeting

    People may navigate to your website from call to actions on social media posts, or through clicking on paid ads to landing pages. However, these clicks don’t always convert into paid users. By using retargeting, you can track who has visited your website and try to re-engage with them. This process works by use of cookies, that remembers who has visited your ads or webpage. Once this data is gathered, you can then create a set of personlised messaging for retargeting, and even automate this process to increase efficiency.

    | Increase Mobile App Retention

    For current users, it can be handy to set up push notifications and in-app messages to keep up engagement and maintain continuing users. Personalisation is key to retention, and can be implemented into individual apps to increase the user experience. Don’t forget to analyse data from the get-go, you can use different time frames to track user downloads at the beginning, and the amount who are still using your app at the end of the time frame. It can be handy to automate onboarding messages to new users, creating a personal touch to the customer’s journey and offering help where needed.

    | How You Can Measure CAC (Customer Acquisition Costs)

    It is essential to measure and evaluate the costs spent on acquiring more customers, to see how your efforts tally up to the number of downloads acquired. This is important to see whether your strategies are the most cost-effective for you, and enables you to make improvements to your user acquisition strategy.

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