How To Build A Fitness App

How To Build A Fitness App

| Fitness App Development

According to Grand View Research, the global fitness app market size is expected to reach USD 15.5 billion by 2028. Due to the growing demand and popularity of these types of apps, people are jumping on board with finding new concepts to develop for the health and fitness industry. Mobile applications, specifically in fitness, are increasingly desired due to their accessibility. Wherever you are, you can access data on your physical activity, assistance and tips as you would from a personal trainer, and even organise your meal plans for the week!

| 6 Steps To Building A Fitness App

1. Conduct Market Research

When you create your own fitness app, you firstly need to understand the market and exactly how you will fit into it. This will help you to build on your concept and choose a specific target audience that you are developing your app for. You will then be able to effectively analyse exactly what your app will provide that is benefiting your users, and find your USP in the market.

2. Choose Which Type Of App You Will Develop

There are many different fitness app ideas that you can develop, and choosing which to focus on will depend on your concept, target audience and user profile. Below is a list of the top apps in the fitness industry in 2021:

Workout Apps: These types of apps are focused on physical activity, and providing classes or videos led by instructors to get you active and moving. The handy aspect of these mobile applications is that you can work out in the comfort of your own home, without the stress of in-person groups and getting to and from gyms. One example in the app store includes Aaptiv, which provides both audio and video workouts from a huge variety of categories.

Activity Tracking Apps: Apps that are able to track your activity, such as FitBit, will often pair with wearable technology. These are then able to monitor your heart rate, calculate your steps, and track how many calories you have burnt during activity. This fitness app idea is incredibly innovative, giving users the ability to measure their fitness progress wherever they may be.

Meal & Diet Plans: With diet apps, you can be given personalised assistance to match your weight loss goals, and calculate the correct amount of calories you should be eating for the best chance of success. Apps such as My Fitness Pal have made this possible, providing food analysis, custom goals, recipe ideas and much more!

Social Fitness Apps: Connecting with like-minded people and building a community surrounding fitness is important for many individuals. This enables users to access support, take on challenges with friends, and increase their get-up-and-go attitude. Nike Run Club is the perfect example of this, where you can share posts and challenges with your social network in the app and then be cheered on during your physical activity. This is effective in boosting your motivation and productivity.

3. What App Features Will You Include?

Once you have decided which type of app you are creating, it's time to choose which features you would like to include. Some of the following are a few of the most popular elements incorporated when people create a fitness app:

User Personalisation: With the help of personalisation, users are able to enter details based on their body and goals they are looking to reach, which can be responded to with tailored meal plans, workouts, and insights. This then creates a completely unique experience for each user, that will take personal aspects into consideration to create the most effective plan for their fitness targets.

Push Notifications: Having notifications pop up on your phone to let you know about your stats or goals reached is a great addition to motivate users. This will also remind individuals of the app and their fitness journey, and increase usage of the mobile application.

Wearable Integration: The ability to integrate your app with wearable technology is more advanced, yet is an area in the market that is growing quickly. Your mobile app can then store any data taken from this accessory, allowing you to easily track your physical activity and create a truly personalised app experience.

Social Posting: In modern days, people love to post on social media. There are more online influences now than ever, and people love to see engagement on their shares. By including this addition users can connect with others, and build their own little community with members of the app. This not only helps users push themselves and find support, but it also increases retention rates as they have formed relationships with others using the app.

4. Find Your Monetisation Model

When you create a fitness app, you will need to decide what your monetisation strategy is and how this will be implemented successfully. Your monetisation model is how your mobile app will make money, whether that be through in-app purchases, subscriptions through free and paid app versions, advertisement or partnerships. Each will need thorough thought and will influence the way in which your app incorporates features.

5. Hire An App Development Team

When looking for an app development team to take on your project, make sure to take a look at their previous case studies to see how they have developed mobile applications for the fitness sector. This will give you an insight into their capabilities, and how successful apps built by them have been in the market. The app development team will then be able to mockup designs, build a fitness app tech stack, and start developing and testing!

6. Build Your Marketing Strategy

Once you have the app in development, it's time to think of the processes you will use to market your app. You want to have your fitness app placed in front of the right audience, and to rally up excitement amongst this targeted group. There are many different techniques you can use to market your app to the world, which may include content marketing on social media, creating a video intro, building a landing page and pitching to highly visited tech blog websites.

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