How to create a mobile or web app?

How To Get Funding For An App Start-Up

Mobile and web applications took our lives by storm – the average person uses at least 9 apps per day and at least 30 per month. We know that the process of creation can be very challenging, that’s why we created this ultimate guide for everyone who would like to develop a mobile or web app, but don’t know where to start.

Everyone is using apps! You probably can’t name a brand without a mobile app, or an activity or something at your work that can’t be supported by apps. Global companies are investing millions in development because apps give them another channel of communication with their customers and also a very solid source of data about them. With tailored mobile or web app companies, you are able to grow your sales, promote your brand or solve any other problem that you were facing in the past.

| Why create a mobile or web app?

The popularity of apps exploded more than 10 years ago, when two leaders of the mobile market – Apple and Google – created their own platforms (iOS and Android) with their own app stores. Since then every year more and more apps are appearing on the market. Why? Because data says that this market will continue to grow.

In 2019 the market of only mobile applications was valued at around 154 billion USD and it is even expected to grow (CAGR) 11,5% each year until 2027. The growth expectation is based on:

- Massive growth in smartphone sales in previous years

- The improved internet access (especially in less developed areas like India, Brazil or Africa) with reduced costs

- Increased amount of Internet of Things devices (like smartwatches for example)

- Growing e-commerce industry

- Mobile gaming popularity

- Machine learning / artificial intelligence solutions in our lives

Also the fact that we are in the middle of the COVID-19 global pandemic has a huge influence on mobile and web apps popularity. People are locked in their houses and they have more time to spend with their favorite apps – especially on social media, gaming or VOD apps. They also need better access to their favorite e-commerce shops, remote-work tools, or education. Based on that, statistical probability offices will need to review their prediction for the market.