Our top 5 tips for how to turn your idea into an app

Turn your app idea into a reality

| Turn your app idea into a reality

The technology world is currently beaming, with over 3 million apps available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store today. Many businesses and individuals are formulating unique mobile app ideas, yet struggle to understand exactly what it takes to transform your mobile app idea into reality. From twiddling your fingers at home over your innovative idea for an app, to navigating through large business team meetings on your monetization strategy; there is an array of steps to ponder over when approaching mobile app developers.

Each specific process you work through when creating your app will have a huge impact on how well your mobile app performs. Missing just one level of the process can create the domino effect for your app development project, and can be the difference between hundreds to thousands of downloads. With the below best practices, we can help you navigate through your app journey with ease. Let’s go to our top five tips for how you can turn your app idea into a desired and successful product.

5 tips for how to turn your idea into an app

| 5 steps for how to turn your idea into an app

1. Conduct Market Research

Before approaching any project, researching your market is essential in understanding how your app will fit in a feed of similar mobile applications. Not only will you get a feel for your target market, but you will also be able to direct a business strategy that specifically pinpoints aspects to look at, enabling you to come out on top of your competitors. You want to offer something different, something innovative. Your app should provide a solution from what is currently on the market. Most people will have developed an app with a similar USP, so make sure you find that special product feature or idea that really makes you stand out.

2. Create A Feature List

Writing out your feature list on paper will give you clarity and direction. When jotting down any ideas surrounding your app, the transformation into reality becomes much more driven and specific. Not only should it include everything from the mobile app idea to your objectives, but also any obvious or unique features you plan to use in your app. This list can then be taken to team meetings and evaluated, added to, and used to improve the overall development of your project through clear refinements.

3. Evaluate Your Target Audience

Identifying your target audience is a key step when coming head to head with any app development project. Your target audience could be anything from age to gender or location to profession, and will completely change your approach to the user experience and interface of your app. From this research, you can find out their preferences, requirements, and language or tone used. The data from this research will affect multiple aspects of your app build from the feature list through to how, or if, you release the app on IOS and Android. Targeting a specific target audience will also help with your monetisation strategy, and how you offer free or paid apps to the market.

4. Create A Brand Identity

Creating a unique brand identity that will sell your mobile app is a huge step in turning your project into a reality. You need to define and communicate the app to your target audience successfully, and creating brand awareness will enable you to become recognised and acknowledged. This is not only done through app use, but also how you sell your app through marketing methods such as sharing on social media. Building your brand will drive how you use colours, fonts, navigation, and structure of your app; being a pivotal part of the development and design process.

5. Sketch Out Wireframes

When designing an app, wireframes allow you to visualise the construction and layout of your application before you hit the computer for development. These start as rough, simple sketches to provide a clear feel for how you want the app to look, and are extremely useful for beginning the design process. The wireframes can then be discussed in team meetings, easily changed, and straightforward to transfer into development and design software.

Through digital wireframe designs, you can also map out how each section will act and how users will navigate around the app; from each click to swipe. Once the initial mobile app designs have been created, test, test, and test again. Making sure each little aspect of your app has been thoroughly used by yourself, friends, and target audience will enable you to evaluate and improve your app before hitting the app stores. This will also help you give feedback quickly to app developers and manage costs effectively.

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