The Top 10 Best Fitness Apps

Top 10 best fitness apps

| What Makes a Good Fitness App?

Health and fitness apps are taking the world by storm with their advanced capabilities in assisting people with weight loss tracking and physical activity. Good fitness apps are tailored to their users, offering personalised experiences including custom workouts and meal plans to ensure that they are getting the best out of their mobile application. Many are paired with wearable technology, such as an Apple Watch, to assist with monitoring any activity including the duration of workout sessions and through heart rate monitoring.

In 2021, apps offer incredible functionalities replacing the need for in-person appointments. With the help of your smartphone, you can have access to the most tailored information to help you with losing weight, by simply answering questions through your app to offer the best meal plans for your fitness goals. As a personal trainer would give, you can also have access to workout routines to help with home workouts which are becoming more popular in modern days.

Fitness apps offer all of these features in the form of workout videos, that are often categorised into sections such as strength training, cardio, sculpt or HIIT (high-intensity interval training). Through workout apps, you can also be given unique training plans that will enhance your chances of achieving your goals.

| Why Are Fitness Apps Important?

The accessibility of mobile apps is pushing the growing amount of individuals downloading apps in this industry. Many people don’t have the time or can’t afford the high costs of finding a personal fitness professional to help them on their journey, and are unsure on specific nutritional information in order to lose weight. This is why fitness apps are so handy. They become an umbrella for your workout plan, generating information on what you should be eating, and allowing you to log stats relating to your physical activity easily.

Many apps in this industry are also becoming more and more involved in connecting their users. For a world being introduced to a much more digital way of life, this demand is becoming more important. You then have the chance to train and connect with people with similar goals, as you would in a physical location such as the gym. For people who don’t have the time or option to access these groups in person, it can be a chance for them to stay motivated on their journey.

| Our Top 10 List of Best Fitness Apps

1. Nike Training Club

The Nike Training Club app offers various fitness features, such as providing nutrition advice, home workouts and advice from experts in the health industry. This mobile app thrives on community, and you will have access to weekly to monthly training plans led by professional Nike trainers, personalised to your fitness targets.

Not only does this app help you stay on top of your physical activity, but it also offers wellness guidance to help you on your journey. This includes sessions to help with your mindset, recovery, and sleep patterns.

2. Strava

Strava is an app providing tracking of physical activity undertaken by its users, specifically built for runners and cyclists. This mobile application is admired for its incredible features using just the free version. The offer allows you to monitor workouts and gain stats each time you log your physical activity.

Strava also incorporates social networking features, by connecting users with each other to find people with like-minded goals.

3. 8fit

This fitness app offers personalised workout and meal plans through a subscription service. 8fit is dedicated to pushing that both physical activity and a balanced diet are key to unlocking a healthy lifestyle. The app has 30 million downloads and counting, and also offers self-care guidance to help users navigate their way through their fitness journey.

4. Zones for Training

Zones for Training specifically helps to monitor your intensity during workouts by linking to your Apple Watch in real-time. The areas of activity that it monitors include the duration, intensity range, pace, distance and heart rate. The app then contains a goal orientated calendar, where stats are included and categorised depending on which months were best and the specific areas you are excelling in. This then helps you to know your activities and areas that you are missing.


This mobile app opens by quizzing you on your lifestyle and also calculating your BMI, to enable the application to offer you the most unique and achievable experience. Once you have answered the questions surrounding your physical health and goals, the app will tailor a custom plan specifically for you.

JEFIT also has a passion for community and giving users the ability to share feedback, insights, and tips with other fitness lovers. You can then train and track your workouts, whilst having access to analysis and improvements to help you increase your chances of success.

6. Yoga Studio

Yoga studio believes in everyone having equal access to fitness & health mobile applications. This is why they have tailored their app to be available to yogis at all levels, whether that be beginners or advanced. The yoga classes are then released onto the app through video for both iOS and Android.

7. Down Dog

The Down Dog app subscription gives you access to Yoga classes with over 60,000 different configurations. There is also a ‘Boost’ feature that allows you to specifically target areas of the body during your classes, with the capability to sync your account across all of your devices. The app also incorporates music that perfectly fits the classes and matches your breathing, to create a calming experience.

8. Runtastic / Adidas Training

Adidas Runtastic allows you to create your own personalised workouts, with the option to choose which specific muscle group you are looking to target. You can then share your experience with other fitness users, connecting with people that are motivating you to push forward.

The Runtastic app also includes ‘live cheering’, an innovative feature using the gear icon to turn on live tracking. Your friends can then cheer you on in the app, which you will hear through your headphones; but, the features don’t stop there. This app has a whole range of incredibly personalised functionalities, such as customising how long you want for warm-ups and rests during your workout, which your voice coach will then incorporate into your session.

9. FitOn

FitOn offers both workouts and meditation sessions including a huge range of variations, with many of the classes being run by celebrity trainers. This app doesn’t need to offer a free trial, because the app is in fact completely free! All of their workouts, meal ideas, and other personalised plans are offered to the public completely free of charge. However, if you are looking to integrate FitOn with your wearable technology then you are looking at a monthly fee for the Pro.

This app is marketed for women, with home workouts requiring minimal equipment in order to make it accessible for all. You will be opened with the option to follow a designed program, or simply choose what you want to do as you use the app.

10. Compete Impossible

The Compete Impossible app is a performance tracking app designed & developed for athletes and professionals. This advanced application offers users the ability to challenge, interact and compete with friends through your own team or club; with the chance to earn awards in their independent marketplace. Keeping up with recent technology, the app also integrates with popular fitness products such as Apple Watches to achieve accurate tracking of physical activity.

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