The Top 10 Best Health Apps

Top 10 best health apps

| Why Are Health Apps So Popular?

Finding the time to scribble down notes for meal planning, visit specialists for physical health information, and measure your weight loss accurately can be difficult for many. This is why health mobile applications are so handy.

Health and wellness apps create a space for you to find motivation and log all of your activities efficiently. Whether that be to lose weight, find guided meditations for your mental health, or measure sleep patterns; this can all be done within an app, and, if needed, linked with your wearable technology.

Finding the time to de-stress at the end of the day to improve your health and wellbeing can be a struggle for people, however, with the help of mobile apps you can shut off from the world in the comfort of your home.

| Our Top 10 List Of Health And Wellbeing Mobile Apps

1. Headspace

Headspace is an incredible mental health app if you are looking to relax your mind and ease any worries, being ranked #2 in overall revenue among the top-grossing health & fitness apps worldwide. This mobile application is focused on five main health aspects: Managing anxiety and stress, sleeping soundly, being more active, trying something new and staying focused.

These guided sessions available in the app are categorised for each of the above, whether that be energising yourself as you wake up or improving your sleep cycle.

Many of the courses also include beautiful and relaxing visuals to stimulate the mind and hopefully reduce anxieties, along with workout sessions if you are looking to start moving more!

2. FitBit

The FitBit app works with your fitness tracker, which is in the form of wearable technology as a watch. The product then links with your fitness tracking app where information is stored on your daily activity, such as daily steps, calories burnt in workout sessions, strength training, your heart rate and your sleep cycle.

FitBit also recently announced a new tool that allows you to log your daily glucose levels, which is vital for people living with diabetes who need to track blood sugar levels.

3. My Fitness Pal

MyFitness Pal is the perfect app to download if you are looking to track a weight loss plan. This mobile application allows you to add each meal eaten into the app, where it can calculate your daily intake and let you know how many calories you have left to eat. You can then set nutrient goals, see which foods are best and worst for you, and also track a workout plan to take into consideration when measuring your calorie intake.

4. Sleep Cycle

If you have trouble falling asleep at night, your sleep cycle can help you improve and monitor your nighttime activity. This mobile app measures your timeline of sleep from listening to sounds through your microphone and using machine learning algorithms. With the help of machine learning technology in mobile apps, we are seeing data being tracked efficiently with personalised feedback sent straight into our mobile phones.

Your sleep cycle can also be measured using an Apple watch which functions similarly, yet uses your motion to detect sleep patterns.

5. Calm

In 2020, the mental health and wellbeing app Calm had over 4 million subscribers. This meditation and sleep app provides users sessions on how to wind down for bed, improve anxiety through breathing techniques, and various other focuses whether that be relating to stress, relationships or relaxing.

From opening the app, the calming interface instantly gives you a feeling of peace through the movement in the imagery. You can then scroll your way through the app to search for different categories, titles, and your favorite narrators.

Calm then also has a section for your stats to show you how many mindful days you have had, tracking your amount of usage on the app and streaks that can be shared.

6. MapMyRun

Heading out on a run can sometimes feel a bit aimless for individuals, this is why having your whole route tracked from beginning to end can provide real motivation for people to complete the activity. The app also helps you to discover new routes in any location, and save some of your favorites in the app.

MapMyRun comes as a free app and a subscription. The free version allows users to track their activity whilst setting stats and targets. You will also gain access to data after your workout letting you know varying health factors such as how many calories were burned.

The MapMyRun app can now also be synced with Under Armour smart shoes, an innovative way to measure your distance, stride length and cadence to seamlessly link to your mobile app.

7. Generis

Generis is driven by your DNA. The concept of this innovative app is to take your DNA data in order to provide you with diet plans based on the exact food and supplements your body needs.

The app works by understanding your goals, genes, and preferences to create personalised plans and recommendations based on what will make your body healthy and happy. It also offers a workout plan based on this data and discovers which foods your body should eat and should avoid.

8. Noom

The Noom app is all about sustainable diets and teaching you how to eat well based on your desires. You will be welcomed with a set of questions based on your body shape and varying factors to help create the most personalised experience.

The app then uses a traffic light system on whether the food is high or low in calories, letting users decide on the quantity they should have for each. Focusing on long-lasting results, the app pairs you with a health coach to help you on your journey and motivate you.

9. Daily Yoga

Queries for ‘yoga and meditation apps’ have increased 65% YOY. With the market on a steep growth, mobile apps in this industry are popping up more frequently. The Daily Yoga app provides a variety of yoga classes and meditation sessions to help users practice mindfulness and stay healthy. Whilst you have access to these classes wherever you are, you are also able to look back at your time on the app with your personal data stored.

Focusing on community, there is also a section within the app where you can connect with fellow yogis. This area is where you can ask questions, share your insights and stories, and engage with others; perfect to retain users on the app.

10. Nutrients

The Nutrients app has a whole world of data stored on the food you eat daily. Having this at your fingertips and in an instance is highly efficient, rather than scrolling through the internet to find nutritional information on specific foods that could take you hours.

You are also able to use this app to create recipes, select serving sizes and keep records of what food you have eaten every single day. This mobile app has been highly praised by people who are suffering from diseases that require them to know the nutritional information of food eaten.

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