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Must have mobile app features

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Whilst the complexity of technology is growing year by year, mobile applications are thriving with the ability to incorporate innovative mobile app development features. An average of 30,000 new apps are submitted to the iTunes App store alone each month: A staggering amount looking for that stand out feature to attract wide usage. Each app requires personalised features fit for their functionality and audience, however, there are a few key features which should be implemented during mobile application development to ensure a positive user experience… And, of course, to keep those users coming back time and time again. Below, we are going to explore the top 5 must have mobile app features which users expect when downloading your product.

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| Our Top 5 Must Have Mobile App Features

1. Personalised Experiences

When providing personalised experiences throughout your application for mobile users, people will value your offerings and build connections with you as a brand. By using a mobile app development company, you will be able to supply custom content depending on where users are clicking on their mobile devices, their demographic data, and the main area purchases are taking place.

Great mobile apps make the user feel as though the app is directly made for them. You want people to have different experiences depending on their interests and what they are looking for: Successful apps offer solutions tailored to the user's needs, and will keep people engaged with your product.

One example of incredible software development for personalised experiences includes Netflix. They provide huge recommendation lists that are constantly updated depending on your last watch, making your user experience with them truly feel as though the app is tailored just for you.

2. Smooth Navigation

Building an app with a beautiful user interface and smooth functionality is essential to retain users. The UI / UX design will depend on your target audience, and must always benefit the user. The functionality of your app needs to be simple, easy to follow, and include stunning designs minimising clutter and distractions. If users become frustrated trying to navigate through your app, the likelihood is that they will avoid using your app from just one bad experience.

An incredible new mobile app feature that many shopping apps are using to create a unique user experience includes the use of augmented reality (AR). This is allowing users to visualise items such as furniture in their own home, measuring the space where you would like to place the product, and recommending furniture that would fit the required room.

3. Flexibility

Tailoring your app to become usable on all mobile operating systems such as Android, IOS and windows is key to attracting a wide audience. The features you may need to focus on to make this possible and successful include altering screen sizes and images. Another flexibility feature includes ensuring that your app is accessible for everyone. With over 1 billion people living with some form of disability, developing your application by using assistive features is vital. These may include the ability for voice control, or use of bold clear user interfaces.

4. Push Notifications

Push notifications are pop-up messages that you can automatically send out to your mobile app users providing valuable content, information, or updates. These highly benefit the user experience of your app, whilst giving you a useful method to reach customers. Through this feature you can personalise messages, boost profits from offering discounts, and directly contact users without an unsolicited feeling; people have the ability to turn this on or off in their mobile settings.

5. Quick Contact Options

One mobile app feature sky-rocketing in 2021 includes the use of chatbots. This feature is highly useful in offering quick responses, transactional options to increase profits, and directing users in the most appropriate direction for their needs. The use of chatbots has also been seen to increase retention rates, whilst having the ability to collate data for user feedback. Another great feature is the ability to use chatbots for users to report bugs. This is beneficial in gathering data on where the app has issues to improve.

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