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Backtrace Cocoa is a tracking tool that allows developers to easily spot, prioritize and fix software errors.

The tool takes all the manual labour out of cross-platform crash management and AppTailors developed an integrated, lightweight client library that quickly submits exceptions, errors and crashes to users' Backtrace dashboard.

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The Challenge

AppTailors had to ensure the software could track errors both efficiently and in all languages whilst integrating into users favorite services and workflows.

The library also had to integrate smoothly with Backtrace’s existing product to ensure the crash tracking tool delivered a great user- experience.


AppTailors decided to use Swift to develop a safe and reliable library that seamlessly integrated with Backtrace's existing product.

Our goal was to accurately submit errors to client dashboards. The tool keeps the compatibility with Objective-C, supports iOS, macOS, and tvOS platforms and allows users to quickly fix errors and improve software quality at ease.

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To ensure the library works perfectly on every supported platform, we implemented a fully automated distribution pipeline that verifies the correctness of the program on multiple and wide range of system versions.

Backtrace can be used with a variety of programming languages and platforms, including C, C++, Go, Java, and more. It is often used in conjunction with other debugging tools, such as debuggers, profilers, and memory analyzers, to help identify and resolve complex issues.

Crash and error reporting tool

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Crash and error reporting tool

Query, search, sort, and group by the attributes

Possibility to search on a wide range of attributes to determine issue priority based on number of clients or host impacted, runtime data, or custom parameters.

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Crash and error reporting tool

Cross-platform monitoring and capture

Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, UE4, Unity, Xbox, Minidump, Coredump, Visual Studio, C/C++, Electron, C#, Windows, and more.

AppTailors' work facilitated the smooth integration of the apps into the existing product. The completed solution continues to be leveraged by major corporations. The project management was effective as deliverables were documented and milestones delineated. They always deliver on time.

Samy Al BahraCTO, Backtrace
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The main challenge for AppTailors was to ensure ensure the software could track errors both efficiently and in all languages.


Backtrace is an important tool for helping developers create high-quality, reliable software.

There are many different ways to use Backtrace, depending on the specific needs of a project. For example, developers can use it to debug crashes in production environments, analyze performance issues in real-time, or track down hard-to-reproduce bugs. AppTailors assisted in delivering a high-quality, open-source library for error reporting.

Operating systems including MacOS, iOS, Android and Linux
Of support while building the product
Customers from various continents
Supporting 9 languages and frameworks including C++, Node.js and Java
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