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Learn more aboutyour breathing andhealth problems with breathe flow

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Breathe Flow


Health, AI


Cambridge, United Kingdom

  • Product design
  • Mobile development
  • Flutter
  • Swift
  • Kotlin


An innovative mobile app which allows to measure breathing and pulse through ECG sensor on smartwatch to better control and improve breathing cycle.

Breathe Flow uses AI to give advice and graphics on how to relax and learn to breathe more efficiently. AI sends personalised questions and health comments to support learning process and guide users.

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The Challenge

The main challenge when developing Breathe Flow app was to secure integration with wearables and show the data in an interesting way.

Breathe Flow app had to allow integration with Apple watch, Withings and Samsung watch, which was recently added to the app due to users expectations and needs. Another challenge were the graphs, which had to clearly navigate and guide users on improving their breathing.


AppTailors overcame this challenge by allowing integration with wearables and developing app with accessible, entertaining and highly readable interface.

In order to make graphs even more interesting, AppTailors prepared solution which transforms graphs into gifs while sharing them on e.g. social media. Additionally, AppTailors delivered an app that integrated smoothly with the watches and had an accessible interface that clearly communicated the data to the user in a simple and effective way. We provided a successful bridge between wearables and the server and effectively communicated with the watches to ensure the app performed at the highest quality.

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Internal stakeholders are impressed with AppTailors' work, which has satisfied their expectations perfectly. Throughout the engagement, the team has been knowledgeable, professional, and reliable. Customers can expect an honest and precise partner. AppTailors does what they say they will. The solution is working as expected. Also, the team is very knowledgeable.
Gustaf Kranck Founder & CEO Vagus Health


Do the VAGUS® ECG test with controlled breathing, which is later analysed and provides information how your nervous system is doing by cutting edge technology.

All data is calculated in the cloud and saved there if the user later wants to start using ‘Nerve Explorer’ cloud service to monitor longer term changes. If the user approves, breathing coaches can get real time access to the test results to help users better.

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Colors associated with Breathe Flow app are shades of blue and green as they are often associated with health topics. In terms of typography we decided to use Work Sans due to high readability and familiarity with the font.

Green besides being recognised as the color of nature gives the feeling of balance, harmony and growth. It is often associated with health, serenity, and tranquility. On the other hand, blue creates a sense of security and trust, which is crucial when it comes to health topics. In the contrary, we used orange and red, so the elements and graphs stand out.

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Breathe Flow app is built in Flutter technology supported by Kotlin and Swift extensions to obtain fast development and high security standards.

Users onboarding is smooth due to incorporation of sign in with Apple and Google for seemless authentication. Regular breathing measurements are gratificated by rewards collected in V-NFT Wallet. Users have the ownership of the entire data collected in this system and they can choose to keep it private for themselves or exchange for additional benefits. Breathe Flow application gives deep and precise insight how our body is responsing to physical, emotional and environmental stressors in our lives.


Access to Samsung Privileged Health SDK

One of our biggest challenges was obtaining an access to sensitive health information directly from Samsung watches. We achieved that by getting into a direct partnership with Samsung which was a length process of documenting our approach and the ways how we want to help Samsung users to benefit even more from having Samsung Galaxy watches. Succeeding in winning the partnership with Samsung is challenging process but it opens us for further and deeper integration on this platform.

Breathe flow mobile screens

The main challenge for AppTailors was to provide an effective way to present diagrams.


Once we finished developing the app and performed rigorous testing, we then helped Breathe Flow launch and distribute their app on the App Store and Google Play store. Our partnership continuous and we will be developing new features.

We built iOS, Android application that have a single codebase thanks to utilization of Flutter technology. Additionaly, we implemented Wear OS and Apple Watch applications to smoothen the experience of our users. We continue working with Vagus on developing new features and integrations for Breathe Flow and creating new products.

Breathe Flow app is available on Appstore and Google Play Store
Thanks to using Flutter we were able to build an extensive MVP for iOS and Android in such a short time
Popular across users from Finland, United Kingdom, Belgium and Australia. Available worldwide
Created custom wearable integrations with Apple Watch, Withings and Samsung Watch
Working on the app and supporting further development
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