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The first ever exclusive social networking app for the lesbian community that allows lesbians to stay connected all over the world.



club monocleAbout app

ClubMonocle is a full service social media experience designed exclusively for the lesbian community to express themselves freely in a comfortable space. It is a subscription-based members only app. Users are able to post content including pictures and videos, react to other content and start conversations with people. There are even plans to add a dating section to the app where users can meet and talk to like-minded people.

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What our clients say

Internal stakeholders are impressed with AppTailors work, which has satisfied their expectations perfectly. Throughout the engagement, the team has been knowledgeable, professional, and reliable. Customers can expect an honest and precise partner.

Gustaf Kranck
CEO & Founder

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The Challenge

The main challenge for AppTailors when developing this app was to ensure a smooth customer experience and a clear interface whilst providing multiple features and ways users can connect and engage with each other. It was essential for all the different components of the app to be consistent and make it easy for users to communicate effectively with each other in multiple ways.

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The Solution

AppTailors designed and developed a stunning app that allows users to browse and interact with people, make new friends and start new discussions in a completely safe and secure place. All the different sections of the app are easy to navigate and a great user experience is provided throughout the entirety of the app to ensure people want to spend lots of their spare time in the app.

3 smartphones
3 smartphones
club monocle

The Result

Once we finished developing the app and ensured it was performing at the highest quality through rigorous testing, we then helped ClubMonocle launch and distribute their app on the Apple Store and Google Play store. Our partnership didn’t stop there and continued with after-app maintenance and the continuous development of new features and updated versions. This includes an exciting upcoming dating feature where single users can meet and start talking to other singles that live near them.

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