Vagus Watch

A scientific project that turned into a product

After developing the first vagus stimulation prototype in 2015, the Vagus team quickly realized that they needed better data and a new type of ‘before and after’ measurement for their neurofeedback. Since there was no suitable wearable on the market, they had to develop their own ECG smartwatch and we joined them on this project. The final product turned out to be very useful also for general health monitoring as a stand-alone device. Therefore, a consumer version for ‘at-home’ health monitoring has been launched. 

Mobile App

At-home diagnostics, for you and your doctor


Understand the state of your vagal tone in real-time


Unique testing capabilities & personalized analytics


Different measurements such as optical pulse, sleep and heart rate variability


A cloud intelligence that links the app with the smartwatch


AppTailors does what they say they will

AppTailors is helping us with the app for our smartwatch. They built the iOS version, and the team is about to start working on the next Android version. The app is working very well. There are no bugs as a result of their work. Internal stakeholders are impressed with AppTailors work, which has satisfied their expectations perfectly. Throughout the engagement, the team has been knowledgeable, professional, and reliable. Customers can expect an honest and precise partner - AppTailors does what they say they will. The solution is working as expected. Also, the team is very knowledgeable. They have been very precise and they have consistently met our needs. Compared to others we’ve used, they’re the best.

Gustaf Kranck

CEO & Founder