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New York, USA

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A mobile app that connects medical staff and patients, so doctors can on a daily basis control health conditions of their patients.

VeriCardia is a heart wellness program aimed at seamless health monitoring by allowing users to perform quick measurements of their blood pressure and weight, which are constantly reviewed and commented by medical staff.

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The Challenge

The main challenge for AppTailors when developing VeriCardia app was to secure integration with Blood Pressure Monitor and Scale.

In order to provide seamless experience of health monitoring to maximise user satisfaction, AppTailors developed solution, which allows blood pressure monitor and scale to connect directly with app through SDK.


AppTailors overcame challenge by providing an app which allows possibility to connect with external devices, and therefore provide seamless user experience.

Patients using VeriCardia app can measure blood pressure and weight through connecting with external devices. Thanks to this solution medical staff can instantly monitor their health and provide patients with medical advices.

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Our goal was to deliver well-designed mobile app that loads quickly and runs smoothly and can be easily accessible by the older audience.

VeriCardia app is built in Flutter, so it can be accessible on both Android and iOS systems and requires minimum maintenance. The challenge was to deliver product which can be understood by 60+ target group. It was crucial for us to deliver the highest level of funcionalities while maintaining simple user flow.

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AppTailors thanks to integration through SDK was able to provide secure connection with both blood pressure monitor and body composition smart scale.

SDK allowed our team to connect our software to both devices, access its features and functionalities. Thanks to that patients using VeriCardia can add their measurements which are then shown on the app and can be sent for review by medical specialist.

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Blue and green are often used in medical and healthcare branding and design because they are associated with feelings of trust, calmness, and professionalism.

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Poppins is a geometric sans-serif font which is highly legible and versatile, being a great choice for digital products.

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Medical technician portal was designed and developed in order to allow medicals experts to review submitted measurements.

Technician portal is currently built on Vue, Vuetify and Typescript technology. Technicians and cardiologists are able to review ECG, blood pressure and weight data added by patients through mobile app. VeriCardia Technician Portal allows medical staff to provide patients with regular assessments of health condition.

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The main challenge for AppTailors was to provide seamless connection with blood pressure monitor and scale.


One of the challenges was to design digital product for 60+ target group with many advanced features while maintaining simplicity and ease of use.

Our process started with research to understand the problem, the product vision and target group. Then we moved onto generating ideas and sketching out different concepts, creating mockups, getting feedback, and finally, refining and finalizing the design.

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The main challenge for AppTailors was to design accessible and highly legible digital product.


AppTailors overcame all the challenges and created viable product which is used by patients from around the world.

We went through rigorous tests as we handle medical data before releasing VeriCardia app on both AppStore and Google Play store. We continue working on new features like logging into the app through SMS and many more, which we will be surely describing in the next articles.

Mobile and web app
To deliver integration through SDK with Scale and Blood Pressure Monitor
People from various places on the globe use our app with majority being from USA
Two integrations with external devices
Responsible for seamless app experience
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